Time to grow up??

So it seems to be the ‘in’ thing now to write a weblog, and I thought, hey, I wanna write one too… So here it is. Amazing event of the day – I saw a picture of my uni mate Winnie in Hong Kong with a HUGE bump. She’s having a little girl, due in a couple of months. But seeing that photo was so scary, It made me realise that my friends are GROWN UPS. What with my cousins finally getting married this year (not to each other), and my best friend getting her own car. Wow 2006 may me the year I have to start being an adult. Well I did start the year off throwing out all my childish hair bobbles, so thats a start. Anyways, that was the most exciting part of today. Ooh, and Mum made the most delicious vegetable rice today. It had an Oriental twist to it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm 


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