officially so now!

so yesterday I decided to start my own weblog, my own idea, and then in today’s Metro, it says it is officially ‘so now’ to have a blogg! I am such a psychic! Anyways, today I discovered the cutest little old man pub in Ealing. Me and Ganesh decided to turn right out of Ealing station, instead of the usual left. The road got quieter and quieter, and the houses got prettier and prettier. I guessed we had stumbled upon the ‘posh’ bit of Ealing. There was a beautiful house on the corner with its own palm tree – I want it! I have decided, if there is one ambition i must fulfil in this life, it is to have a house with a palm tree. Well we kept going down this road, full of quaint little shops, granted they had shut down, but I’m sure they looked nice in their heyday. Then the lights of this old man pub shone out. I was a bit scared to go in at first, but I’m glad we did, because, unusual for a Friday night, we got nice seats in the corner, got served proper quick and got to see snow fall out of the window.  Ahh. 

And today Chantelle won Celebrity Big Brother. YAY for non-celebs!


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