Pink Tea Containers

Its my birthday tomorrow. But what should have been a day of pre-celebrations ended up quite a depressing day, so I have learnt not to bother looking forward to anything in the future, because it never turns out how you imagine and peoples ‘feelings’ always get in the way. So, live for the moment! After a day out in the freezing cold, lunching in the Grosvenor Arms in Mayfair, which incidently has been there since the 1830s – wow!, having an unexpected argument with my so-called soulmate about something so trivial and something that I never envisaged would come up, I mean, pink tea containers, who would have thought they would cause so much trouble! Went to Selfridges afterwards and saw these troublesome tea containers and I still think they are beautiful, as well as all the other pink goodies on the ground floor. Its heaven down there, I almost forgot about our squabble. But once you are outside, reality hits you again. So not going to look forward to anything ever again! Just been playing Evanescence on the piano, and I am so proud of myself for learning the pieces. It is something I have wanted to do for such a long time. My favourite piece is Imaginery. Its about paper flowers, candy clouds and lullabies. Ahh.


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