My 27th birthday

My birthday yesterday turned out to be quite an alright day after all. Woke up to find a beautiful butterfly cake on dining table, two wine glasses (?) with pineapple juice, an Elizabeth Arden gift bag and lots of little boxes wrapped in Chanel paper and ribbons. I thought I should wait for my mum and dad to return before I opened them. They had gone to Woolworths and came back with a white Breville kettle and an extra large ironing board. God bless the Woolies Jan sale!

The Chanel stuff turned out to be a 3-step daily cleansing routine, face masks and such. Wow, so much to do just to take make-up off! The Elizabeth Arden bag contain a lipstick, blush in the velvet pouch, ‘After 5’ glitter fragrance spray and fragrance gel (for those nights out after 5 I presume) and mini perfumes for my handbag – very handy!

After that I lunched with Ganesh at The Green in Ealing. They make the most amazing pizzas ever! This Italian chef makes them there and then, and it tastes divine. Totally recommend it!

Came home, and discovered Angie had dissected a sheep’s heart at school. Eurgh! And they were allowed to take photos with their camera phones! In my day, if you brought a phone to school, never mind if it was turned off or not, it got confiscated!

Had dinner with the family at the Water Palace in Yiewley. I had Udon with mushrooms. Mmmm. I attempted to eat with chopsticks, but the noodles were far too fat and I made a little bit of a mess! Mum said that she felt like she was on holiday. We really should take the olds out more often…

Tonight is my party night, so I am making myself beautiful now. Gotta do my nails – eek!


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