Hex and Lost

Sunday nights, always the most boring ever since Hex and Lost finished. The Simpsons at 6.30 is an old one. Boo hoo. Today I went shopping with Angie and I got some amazing bargains, even though sale season should be over now. I now have the original cool black & white stripey mohair jumper from Top Shop for only £18, together with a stripey cardy, as they were buy one get one free. Yippee!

I have now totally recovered from my birthday party on Friday night. I had sooooo much fun, and it was wicked having everyone I know there. The best bit was having a sign saying ‘Reserved for Sabrina’s Party’. Wow!

Tomorrow I am going to Basingstoke for some serious shopping on my last day off before I return to work, and I wanted to try out somewhere I hadn’t been before that wasn’t in London. Quite looking forward to it!


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