Big Mamma’s House 2 and Cherry Diet Coke

Well its the end of another week, except its not just any week. The flat buying nightmare is over. Pulled out of the deal because the seller, her mother and the estate agents were being pushy arseholes. I’m not giving my life savings over to unkind so-and-sos. I feel a sense of relief, like I can start over proper.

Yesterday I went to a leaving do in Occo after work. The blue room downstairs was hired out. It’s nice and cosy there, lots of incense sticks and low seating. How I imagine Morrocco would be like. As we left, a belly dancer had started dancing for the bloke who was leaving. Scary!

Today I checked out Valentines at Asda. They have a handy card for girls to fill out their bra size to give to their men, so blokes can buy the right size and type of lingerie as a gift. Hilarious. Who would was George at Asda undies anyway?!

I saw Big Mamma’s House 2 at Harrow Vue with Mr G. Buying the tickets was quite terrifying, they have replaced the ticket office with automated machines. Soon we won’t need people anywhere! The film was funny and heart-warming. And I tried out Cherry Diet Coke. It leaves an aftertaste like medicine. Hmmm.

Now to check ebay. Im bidding on a credit-sized camera. Fingers crossed…


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