Hello, haven’t written anything in a week cos you sooooo don’t wanna write anything when you’re depressed, but hey everything is ok again. This week events included Valentine’s Day, when my cousin got her engagement ring finally! Met up the next day at Wax, and I was like WOW! Still, scary to think you have to wear that everyday for the rest of your life!

Freaky thing happened on Saturday morning – my dad said he had to go to Comet to buy printer ink. Is this his way of approving of G, without even realising it?! Then I also realised Winnie and Zinnie are practically exactly the same name in more ways than one. Woah.

Today I cleaned my bathroom with Limelight stuff, and the skin came off my hand. Ouch! I painted a bunny picture (cos I like bunnies) and that’s about it. Pretty lazy weekend, but that’s what they’re for!


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