Black pansies

so much for the photo thing working, it seems to have been replaced by a sad face. Aargh! Well i’ve been having a weird week, after the shoddiest weekend ever. My younger siblings upset me so much and they didn’t seem to care how much they upset me which hurt even more. They seemed more concerned with who is right and who is wrong. So I’ve been living in my bedroom with all my stuff for the past 4 days, its been quite nice, I feel like I’ve moved out! Which I will do for a month in May, hopefully that will sort my head out.

I bought some black flower seeds to suit my mood on Saturday – black pansies. They’re in little plant pots in the conservatory with all our washing.

It was mum and dad’s 28th wedding anniversary on Monday. And my dad actually bought a present for my mum, a £100 sari, that totally surprised me as he was looking at all the cheapo ones the other day. Must’ve have been a ploy to throw us off the scent. I am going to have the cake now. mmmmmmmm 


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