Souf ‘arrow

so bored of my visits to Harrow on the Hill. Its the only place in between Marylebone and Ricky, which is where G works. So went stopped off at Souf Harrow instead and had a yummy Nandos. There were lots of cute kiddies there. Work was absolutely rubbish, fed up of commuting, trying to get through the stinky crowds just to get out of the station. And to work with a bunch of mumbling morons. Eurgh. I have officially had enuff!


One response to “Souf ‘arrow

  1. I see im the first 2 ever coment on your xanga, whereas i have had many peeps comment on mine, if u do have any questions that need answering look no furthur, than ur little ‘ol sister, cz she knows everything, thigns even u dnt know, im only upstaires. it hought u sed ganesh comments, i saw that he hasn’t hmm!!


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