My cousin’s last weekend of freedom

Hello, this weekend is my cousin’s wedding. Last weekend we went out to dinner, as it was his last weekend of freeedom. We had an Italian at Strada in Marketplace off Oxfrod St. I had the penne pasta. Last time I went with my uni mates, I had the seafood risotto – totally deeeelicious. mmmmmmmmmmm. i love food.

Anyways, well obviously he’s nervous his life is about to change forever, but that’s normal, but then nothing is ever as straight forward as anyone thinks, but if it was, life wouldnt be interesting!

So the big weekend begins, and I have done my nails. Now to iron my clothes, pack my bags, recharge the camera, straighten my hair, straighten my sister’s hair and do her nails. Ohh im hungry again. Must find foooooood….


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