The Wedding

Wedding2Wedding1Well the wedding wasn’t quite what I expected. We all thought it would be a lot more fun as it was our own family wedding, but in fact it was just as bad as any normal Bengali wedding with extra work and standing around for photos and being bossed around. But it is a learning of how not to do it – I have decided I am definately getting married in Las Vegas now!

The weekend has so many mishaps, including my aunt walking into a door so her nose swelled up and her kids had to call an ambulance – that was Friday. Saturday night, my parents went missing with our American guests, which resulted in a whole hour of panic while we thought they were in a car crash or had been mugged as mother’s phone was switched off. They turned up an hour later having been going round and round Fratton trying to find the house, and mother’s mobile battery had died. Sunday night after the wedding, when the house was packed with so many guests that it was like a packed commuter train, my little cousin locked himself in the bathroom and smashed a mirror! Well it could have been worse, from the sound of the crash, I thought he had smashed the toilet up, and I desperately needed the loo!

Being in the Portsmouth house was weird, as I kept seeing ghosts of the past. I looked at the dining table in the living room, and I saw my cousin and me at 15 doing a mosaic for her holiday homework and she said we should go to the shops to get tissue paper, but I was worried her mum would get mad because she was out. We did go to the shops, and nothing bad happened that I can remember, but she was always a rebel and me the scaredy-cat!

In the garden I saw my cousin twiddling her baton stick, and both of us posing for photos trying to be cool with our baggy clothes.

The bedroom was weird, especially as I was looking after my little baby cousins all weekend, except they’re not babies anymore – all are teenagers and so cheeky aswell. So I couldn’t help seeing me, my cousins as teenagers in the room, when I used to stay over for a week in the summer, and we slept across 2 single beds! And my older cousin kicked the door so hard that there was a dent in it for ages!

And that room was now the ‘wedding room’.

Amazingly when I checked my emails the next day, I found out my good friend in Hong Kong had given birth to a little girl! The email was dated 2nd April, which was when I was at the wedding. How strange!

Today I have the sorest throat ever that I can’t even speak. I’ve had to whisper all day, which is a pain when you have to negotiate promotions at work!

Anyway, I have learnt a lot from this weekend, and that is the we have a huge family to fall back on when things go wrong. The support is huge, and though noisy most of the time, it is nice to know that so many people care about each other, and it is nice to see everyone grow up into such kind, caring individuals. 


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