Ice Age II

Me and G saw Ice Age 2 at Harrow tonight. I loved it, and it had a happy ending, which I always like. There were so many little kiddies at the cinema, and it was the 7pm showing! Wanted to go to the 6pm one, but there were no tickets left, which was disapointing and we had just stocked up on pic n mix and a big bag of doritos from Woolies!

Friday night at Harrow is as hilarious as Uxbridge, when the little kids get dressed up. It is always a funny sight, and they seemed to be out in swarms tonight, with the random goth group here and there. Yes, they have moved on to Harrow. The bus journey back, I saw a frightful sight, 2 young girls obviously off to Uxbridge for the night, with tiny tiny skirts and THUNDER THIGHS. I didn’t get, they had such tiny little faces, their legs didn’t match their top halfs! And I could see cellulite. I was glad to get home, aparts from the ‘Why so late?’ greeting from my mum. Whatever happened to hello, how was your evening?? Oh, yeah, that was a dream.

Funny thing happened today, I got an email saying I had a second interview at Comet. I was amazed, as this meant I my first interview was ok! But I declined, because the truth is I have no passion for electricals, and I just didn’t want to go for it. How can I market a department I dont care about, just the thought of it makes me feel queasy. I feel like that makes me an unambitious wuss, and I should have gone for it, and declined if they offered me the job. But why put myself under unneccessary stress. I think I just wanted to see if they would consider me, and they did, so that in itself is a confidence booster.


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