Ice Skating in Souf Lundun

Easter weekend should really be renamed kiddie family weekend. I took my sister Angie on the trains down to Souf Lundun. Unfortnately we had just missed the train at Hayes, and the next one was in half-an-hour. So we had a wander around, we went in Woolies and I showed her the Grand Union Canal. Looks nice from far away but actually it is a real dump with litter in the green murky waterm and the insides of tapes strewn across the trees. There were 2 little duckies who looked like they couldn’t breathe.

Ice Skating 1
This is Angie by a WWE billboard in Hayes, she gets ever so excited about them, strange girl. Still I ran after we took this pic for fear of being mugged!

Once in Streatham, well actually Norbury, we took a whole bunch of cousins ice skating, after a 40-minute walk to the rink. Thank god I had my trainers on! Walking there, we must have looked like the Asian Squad, and me and my cousin were the teachers taking them on their trip. Of course I didn’t ice skate, I have a fear of the blades chopping my fingers off. Eurgh! I was camcordering, well trying too, its hard when you can’t see anything! And that’s WITH my glasses on.
Ice Skating 2
Then Angie come up to me with a bleeding finger. I was grossed out. She had scraped it against the wooden side bit, and the skin was hanging off, so we had to find the first aid man, who was a nice wrinkly old geezer.

Afterwards we treated them to pizza hut, with stuffed crust. Choice was limited as many of the cousins stick to the halal meat rule (still not corrupted yet) so Vegetable Supremes it was, and plain cheese & tomato. Still it was soooooo delicious, i would have eaten more but my stomach had stretched to maximum capacity, and my tight jane norman dress was about to burst! Then in the evening my older cousin and his new wife treated everyone to Nandos. MMMMMM. They seem happy already. She has thrown out his old clothes, maybe its happening a bit TOO fast, its a bit strrrange. Still it could be that I was annoyed anyway due to the amount of people in the little terraced house and the loudness of their voices. Aargh. And being stuck with teenagers for 24 hours (do i sense some de-ja-vu???) I had to keep saying to myself that yes I am 27! Sleepover was fun though, and it doesnt happen very often.

On Monday the Americans flew back, and I did the ironing.Then I went for lunch in the old Swan & Bottle by the Grand Union Canal in Uxbridge. I really liked it there, the chavs don’t seem to venture that far out from the High Street, so it was mainly families, lesbians, bikers and my little posse who were there. The building dates from the 17th Century which is nice to know. I imagine there were no obstusive shiny office building in those days so the view might have looked nicer. Or on the other hand it might have been a gross view with horses and drunkards all over the place. Sounds like how it is now!


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