My mini adventure

So i did it, i’ve moved out for a month to start my mini adventure and so far its been nice. The first night I made stir-fry veg & chicken noodles. mmmm.  Friday night was a mahusive leaving do at Ishtar in Baker St. The whole downstairs was booked out, so it was like a mini nightclub especially for our woolies lot. Loads of turkish type food – couscous and calamari rings, and lots of dancing! I went home on Saturday, which was the most nerve-racking experience as I thought my parents would have a million questions for me. But I was worried for nothing – no questions, all i had to do was tidy the house up and then i went out again for Ganesh’s birthday party. We were VIPs at the Retox bar in Covent Garden. Except we all turned up a bit late, and got a bollocking by some big bloke with a radio because we were ‘extremely late’. Felt like being back at school. The place was a tiny little room underground, and it wasn’t busy. Strange for a saturday night i thought, but then i realised there was a huge queue outside, so they were only letting certain people in. So we must have been special, and we had our own personal waitress too! Sunday was Ganesh’s actual birthday, so we made a chocolate brownie cake and i blew up balloons. And today is Bank Holiday Monday, and me, Angie and Zu are gonna see American Dreams at the cinema. YAY!


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