Day 8

so it is day 8 of my mini adventure,  and its not quite what I expected, but in a good way. Its very much like living a home, getting up, go to work, eat, watch telly, sleep.  I suppose its different at weekends. I went home yesterday, and left at 8. I was meant to straighten Angie’s hair, but she wanted to have a shower first, but I wanted to get back for the Apprentice and Desperate Housewives. So I left with my hair straighteners. I discovered I get the biggest adrenaline rush as I leave the house, it happens everytime. But then I feel sad again. So i don’t know what is bugging me, I thought moving out would solve it. I think maybe I need to paint my room neutral colours or something, get some feng shui into me.

Today it is amazingly sunny, but i have my big coat with me. I quite enjoy the different journey into work, its a nice change.


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