Day 13

I have been to Starbucks in Canary Wharf twice in three days. I love the shopping centre there, it looks so classy i could live there. In fact I really wish i did live near there. Doesn’t take long to get there on the Jubilee line. I had my quick catch-up with my uni mates over a Hazelnut Latte and a Victorian Sponge. Everyone seems to have issues, One with her crazy boss and who she is going to marry (its still a giant question mark) and the other with the troubles of being a landlady of a student house in Deptford. All my issue is that I want the sun to come out for more that a day so i can have barbeques and summer drinks in the garden! Ok maybe there are other issues, but i’ve pushed them to the back of my mind for now. Life’s too short to worry too much. Tonight I am visiting the family, whether they’ll be happy to see me or not is another question!


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