Day 12

Its Monday again, and i have not been home since Wednesday. Oops. I suppose the ‘therapy’ is working cos I’m actually missing the place. I had a really good weekend though. Friday night I had a meal with G at the Black Horse in Greenford. It looks a really old place, maybe the equivalent of the Swan & Bottle in Uxbridge. There’s old  photos of Southall for 1900 on the wall which I find fascinating. There are men with moustaches and top hats and children in cotton white dresses in the pictures, and no cars. Could those people have predicted what would happen to the area 50 years later! It was a nice day, but we sat indoors, because outside was swarming with greenflies. Yuk.

Shouldn’t complain though, as by Saturday it was back to the usual grey skies. My cousin and I found this gorgeous wedding lengha dress thing, even though its only for the nicah blessing. Green Street was busier than when we last went, so many people who desperately need a makeover, and yet some outfits cost £400! How do these poor people afford it, and why don’t they fixes their hair and faces first?!

Sunday was housework day, did some food shopping, cleaning up etc, cooked my Thai Cashew Nut Chicken and then settled down for American Idol. Perfect. But poor little Paris got knocked out. I had a feeling it would be her turn, because her hair was awful. Its very important to have good hair!

Day 9 – Friday 5th May

The sun has decided to visit Britain. It was all so nice this morning when I walked from Marble Arch to work (yes i missed my stop), except for the dust going into my eyes and the stench of piss and bleach. Where does it all come from, and why??? And worse, its supposed to rain this weekend. Why is it always sunny where you’re stuck in the office, and rainy when you’re free? Yesterday I had a frappocino with my cousin, I had Strawberrys & Cream. Only after I ordered it, I saw a poster for banana & caramel which sounds yummier. It was interesting watching the people out the window, with their bright coloured shoes. Sunshine really does bring out colourful clothing. Tomorrow we are venturing to the dreaded Green St again, but I could not let her go there alone!


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