Day 23

My eyes are itching as it was so windy outside just now, something is irritating my eyes. I hope its not hayfever. Its nearly the end of another week at work, thank god! I am planning on where to buy the Crown paints for my bedroom as its colleague discount weekend. Hmm, according to the stock system, the only Woolies in London that sell the colours I want is Streatham or Ilford. So I think I will visit Streatham tomorrow as its on the way to Norbury. I’m meeting my cousin there, because her ‘wedding’ is the next day. The paints I have chosen are Toasted Almond and either Walnut or Chocolate Suede. I can’t decide if I want a suede texture on my walls. Hmmm. And how many paint cans will I need?? All these questions, aargh!!! 


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