Day 29

Another grey day in London. Still its been quite an eventful week. I had a girls night out with Lou that was long overdue. Had a deeeelicous mushroom ravioli thing. mmmm. Saturday I made my way to Souf Lundun again, after popping home and setting up Mum’s new sewing machine. The tradition of watching the Eurovision with Zu was broken, but I made sure I watched it while Fi had henna put on her hands. She was so nervous but it was all worth it, because the next day she and Sam were married within the blink of eye, so quick, so easy, all the families got along, and suddenly she was free!!!! After we had lunch at a restaurant in Tooting hired out just for our party, which was wicked. The highlight was the humungous naan bread presented on a TV aerial type stick to the bride and groom. Strange but true.


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