A sneaky daytrip to Plymouth

Yep, moved back home to sunny Uxbridge on Sunday, detouring at Homebase to get my Maison Blanc Satin paint. I have been redocorating my room since that day, and it looks pretty good so far.

This week has been quite jam-packed. In Hollyoaks, Becca’s big secret comes out in the open with dire consequences. Can the same happen in real life? I can only hope not!

Me and G took a sneaky day trip to Plymouth at the end of last week, as I had got mega cheap train tickets. The train journey is so nice, right along the coast of a seaside called Teignmouth.

Plymouth 1

Plymouth is a strange city, its like going into a time warp and suddenly you’re in the 50s wearing flowy skirts. Well thats what I imagined. Every building is made of concrete and cube shaped, even the post boxes. No curvy roads in site.

Plymouth 2

I later discovered via Google that Plymouth got bombed heavily in the 2nd World War, and the whole place was rebuilt, become the first pedestrianised shopping area in Britain. No wonder I felt like I’d gone back in time!


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