Do I have bags under my eyes?? Am I minging?!

I was having a really nice day until an hour ago.  This morning Mum, Angie and I went food shopping as Dad is away. Angie got the shock of her life at the butchers – yes that is what meat looks like before it is cooked!!! So we are going to see how long £21 worth of meat lasts.

I went to Ealing, had a mocha frappucino and read my book ‘What a Waste of Make-Up’ in the park opposite the station. It was nice and sunny. Then Ganesh met me and we went to My Old Dutch  and had a giant pancake each. The restaurant has been there since 1958. We sat at a table by the wall which had wooden clogs on it. It showed the stages of how a clog is made, so cool. I had a rocket and parmesan pancake. I didn’t realise you could have food on pancakes, I thought they were always sweet. Well the cheesy pancake was deeeelicious, it had olives and sun-dried tomatoes on it, yum.

We went to Walpole park afterwards and saw the cutest litle duckies! We sat on the grass with the radio on and saw a poor tree with no leaves.

Walpole Park 2 Walpole Park 1

So Angie and I were watching Big Brother, and it was 10’o clock at night when Nahid and Samina and Rosi apu visited. They had just been to Southall. So I did my face and thought I looked presentable. Nahid’s mum said I looked tired, well duh, of course I’m tired, it has been a long week and its nearly bedtime. Then Samina says ‘Yeah you have bags under your eyes’

What a B***H!!!! It made Angie angry too, as well as my mother. And Shilpi apu in Manchester. I want the world to know how she upset me so much. I had my make-up on and I think I looked pretty good if I don’t say so myself, no fucking bags under my eyes! What the f**k!!!! I was so upset, how can you come to MY house at some ungodly hour and not even say hello or how are you, just yeah you have bags under your eyes. She is so rude it is unbelievable. Its bad enough that I had to put a cardi on because of her, as god forbid, I had a sleeveless top on, what will she say?! Angie had to put on a long jumper that covers her teenage bust and butt. What the hell, she’s 14!! So we cant even be ourselves in our own house! Even my mum feels uncomfortable with her in the house. What on earth can you talk to her about without her putting you down. As if she’s on some pedestal?! No matter what you have been through, there is no excuse for being nasty to people in their own home. ARGH!!! So yeah I cried, and that made Nahid upset, so who know, my tears may bring some calm to the storm. It was quite ironic that the book I happeneded to be sitting next to was called ‘What a Waste of Make-up’….

2 responses to “Do I have bags under my eyes?? Am I minging?!

  1. lol, that book has a funny title, see i told you the blogs happen when you are angry, belissimo! i think that means very good in some other language possibly italien, i dno, do i look like i learn italien!


  2. damn, she’s that bad, huh? and dang that restarant is old, lol. was she just like “oh u got bags under your eyes”? that’s ubber gayy. i’d slap her if she said that to mee..seriously. i thought she wasn’t that religous n e more, 4 sum reason. tsk tsk tsk. my moms aunt is just like that. its annoying


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