Southend vs. Brighton

 hmm which is better?  

 – both beaches are by the shopping centres.

– Southend has sand and is mahussive and cute little seashells, although the little pebbles hurt your feet.

– Brighton has massive pebbles and no sand. The pebbles hurt when you lie down.

– Southend is full of Essex people and everyone seems to smoke weed on the beach.

– Brighton is full of Londoners = rude miserable pushy people.

– Southend has a train going along the pier, which although you wouldn’t want to go on it, it looks nice from afar.

– Brighton Pier is too far away from the shops.

I think we have a winner – SOUTHEND!!! These are the sandcastles I made there at Southend, and the burnt out pier at Brighton:

Southend Sandcastles Brighton Burnt Pier






One response to “Southend vs. Brighton

  1. thanks! gee, i think  southend seems way better! and weed? are you serious?? lol. i knew this girl who sold weed. she offered me some, i was like “wdf”. my parents did kind of calm down..but its like they go against almost everything i do.jeez. and yeah, chocolates are goodie, lol.


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