It’s Halloween!

although you wouldn’t know it, as its Tuesday. I guess most people celebrated over the weekend. I’m writing in ‘Chiller’ font for this creepy day and i wore a spider ring to work. Couldn’t wear spooky clothes because we had an important meeting at Edgware Road store with all the important execs there. Eurgh! Still, not my problem in a month, cos I’ll be at Mattel, yeah!

I did see a couple of kids in Halloween outfits in Hayes on the way back home, but that was it. Apparently trick or treating is banned on our street, cos a lot of houses got egged last year. So that’s why its so quiet! Angie got her hair cut at mum’s surgery today. And I went to a sample sale today and got lots of colourful garden pots to brighten up our garden.


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