My claim to fame

Yesterday my letter got printed in the London Lite paper! Yay! Basically, I was so impressed with an article on a middle-aged couple who love putting their Christmas lights on early, and they were Musims. They’re about my dad’s age, and my dad has been nagging me to put the Xmas decs up, even though its only November. Anyways, I was so happy to see a positive article on Muslims for the first time in so many years, I had to write in.

Newspaper 2

On Monday, me and Zu took Angie to her first rock concert. We saw Evanescence at the Hammersmith Apollo. We must be so ‘with it’ as it was on the ‘things to do’ list in the papers.Newspaper 1

Amy Lee wore a giant puffy flourescent pink skirt. I want one like that! We were on row Z, which was the back row, but the row went up so you could see the stage. Unfortunately, everyone stood up, so poor Angie couldn’t see, so she stood on her seat, BUT it was a flip seat, so I had to keep my leg up on it so it wouldn’t flip up for the whole concert. My knees!!!

Evenescence 3 Evenescence 2 Evenescence 1

The other weekend I went to Brussels with my penguin Henry on the Eurostar. Its like a mini London, except you have to speak French. Here are some random pics, including a statue of a man blowing a bubble, one of many posters of the car that i will be owning soon and a store called Brico (funny name):

Brussels 5 Brussels 4 Brussels 3 Brussels 2 Brussels 1


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