Yesterday was our Annual Company Conference,my first one at Mattel. It was at a golf club in Reading. We went in two coaches (I still find in amzing how little the company is). The theme of the day was ‘Dreams’ and the room we were in was decorated with smoke on the floor and fluffy clouds on the ceiling. Nice. It was a fun day, we had a team building treasure hunt in the afternoon. But my most embarrassing moment was when the head of Mattel was reading the ’New Starters’ slide. My picture came up, along with a bubble coming out of my head with my dream ‘I want to live at the seaside where it is sunny everyday, with lots of chocolate ice cream’. The whole company saw that on a giant screen AAAHHHHH!!!!

Snow 1

This morning it snowed really heavy, so there was like 10cm of snow on the ground. I wish I had a day off so I could build snowmen. Instead, I attempted to get to work. It took 2 hours, crawling at a snails pace. Its actually quite scary driving in the snow, you can’t see the road markings and its all slushy grey mush on the road. Ew. Here is a picture of a bird trying to sit on a tree in the garden next door while it was snowing.

Snow 2


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