It’s my birthday!

Well it was on Friday. This has actually been the worst time of my life. I am exhausted. My dad is taking a long time to recover from his heart bypass, and it is the most painful thing to see. For the first week, I took my mind off it by getting really emotionally involved in the Celebrity Big Brother saga. So much so, my letter actually got printed in thelondonpaper and the Metro! So I was happy but sad because my dad was back in intensive care that day.

Newspaper 4 Newspaper 3
Then the next amazing thing to happen was that my painting of Barbie got put up in the reception of Mattel, chosen out of everyone else’s in the office! The head of Mattel had voted for it. I was amazed. Its so nice to be recognised for my artistic skills, after years of feeling invisible at Woolies!

Barbie Balloons

We had a little girl from Great Ormond hospital come in, as for Make A Wish, she wanted to meet Barbie and go ‘shopping’ at the Mattel office. So I got these Barbie helium balloons blown up at my old shop Birthdays. Walking through Maidenhead shopping centre with these balloons, I felt like I was Barbie as literally everyone turned as I walked by and people kept smiling at me!

The next day was my birthday. I had a day to myself, away from the food shopping, cooking, washing and ironing! I went to Brighton with Ganesh for a day of seaside fun! We went to a Gourmet Burger place for lunch, then wandered around the trendy little shops, played on the 2p machines on the pier, went to a poncy bar and made it back to London by 8.30 so I could get free No7 make-up from Boots because my voucher ran out that day! Phew! 

Brighton 4 Brighton 3 Brighton 2 Brighton 1


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