I saw Spiderman 3 today. yay!

Me and G saw Spiderman 3 today at the Odeon in Uxbridge. We went to the 3.30 showing, hoping to escape the chavvy school kids, but a whole bunch came in just as it started. Luckily they were good chavs and didn’t make a noise at all. wow! But we were sat next to an Irish mum and her 3-year-old kid who kept saying ‘Who’s that?’ throughout. Luckily he was cute otherwise I would have been really annoyed. Anyway the film is definately worth watching, you really get into it, and it has a nice moral to the story. The only thing I hated was the fact that Eric from the 70s Show was supposed to be a macho guy in the film, but he will always be a geek. He can’t pull it off, eurgh! And I couldn’t get over how minging they make Kirsten Dunst look when she’s really pretty in real life. I think. Now I feel sick, cos I ate too many foam sweets. But I love the banana ones. yummy.


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