My best friend’s wedding

I’m sure RukWed1thats the name of a movie. Anyway Sunday was my best friend’s wedding. She’s the second out of my uni mates to get married, which is quite a scary thought, seeing as all my cousins seem to be married as well, I must be getting old. Anyway it was a beautiful day, but unfortunately I overslept so was in a major panic that morning trying to put a sari on. Mum was sooooo happy that I was voluntarily wearing one, she said I should wear them much often. Yeah right! Well the rush was for nothing as I got to her house early anyway, so I waited in my car for Hai. There was no way I was going in a Bengali house by myself! I was right to be nervous, because there was a bunch of ‘bouncers’ outside her house. Although they were wearing pink shirts.  There was a nice arc thing at the entrance too. I want one.

I didn’t recognise the bride when I went in her room, I actually looked over her head when she said hi! Its amazing what a difference hair and make-up does, she looked AMAZING! So calm too, I would be absolutely ****** myself! Well, that was the most scary bit, saying goodbye there, as we had no idea if we would ever see her again once she was married, as who knows how strict her new family would be.

RukWed2At the hall in Green St, there were separate rooms for men and women, but my friend had brought 2 male friends. We tried to go in the man’s room, but we got told off! So off we traipsed up to the 2nd floor, and actually the women’s room was beautiful, in a sort of puffy white tent with 2 giant chandeliers.  It was scary being in a room full of family, all Bengali, but we found the table of ‘friends’ and sat with them, at least we had one thing in common – friendship!

After we ate, a bearded man came and said not to worry, we will get a chance to sit with her as we are her friends. I then realised he was the bride’s dad, he had a really striking resemblance to her, it was really surprising, and he was, well, nice! As we weren’t allowed in the men’s room, we had to get a friend, who happens to have the same name as my penguin Henry, to take a picture of the groom. The groom was really nervous, which I took to be a good sign. We don’t want a cocky git for my mate’s husband.

RukWed3RukWed4Outside there was a Sikh parade as it was a Vasakhi festival.  There was swarms of people walking very slowly through Green St, rows of pushchairs, trucks  and trucks with old Sikh ladies in the back, lots of guys in orange shirts. It was all quite entertaining, and multi-cultural, with the Muslim wedding on one side of the road, and the Jehovah’s Witness on the other side. Unfortunately the wedding cars were stuck behind this parade! When they eventually arrived, the bride was taken out of the car and  into the secret room by her father. It was in this room that we finally said goodbye and good luck to her again.

After the wedding I went to nearby Ilford to see the rels. My cousin was just moving back to halls as the Easter hols were over. I went with them to see her room, even though I was wearing a bright pink sari. Her room looked just like my one from 9 years ago. It really brought back memories. ahhh.

Good news, today I got a text from the newly wed saying that she is very happy, her husband is very sweet and they have loads in common. Phew! Here’s to happy endings.

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