When Alex Zane got my Barbie Doll…

Yesterday was like a dream come true, a had a message sent out to me from Alex Zane at Xfm, while I was driving to work. It was the most amazing feeling! I sent the team a Ken doll and remote control Barbie, on Monday, with a little letter. I really didn’t expect them to mention in on their show and get a thank you! Best day of my life EVER!!! This is the picture they emailed me too, from Cheeky Pete’s email address!!!

Alex Zane Barbie XFM

The exact message was “Thank you to our friends at Mattel! They sent us a letter the other day, saying that they think we need a mascot. So we have a Ken doll here, why is it whenver a boy gets a doll, within 3 seconds his trousers are down. So we have Ken here with his trousers down”
And Mark said they took Barbie’s knickers off, and how unfair it is that she has moulded knickers on underneath! Then he was on about Ken’s moulded front and bum, and Alex interrupted saying ‘Sorry Mattel!’
All of this was to funny background music, and then they played a jingle ‘Boys playing with dolls is wrong, but this is even wronger…’ 

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