Saturday 8th March

Hello Xanga, I haven’t written in a while again. It’s been another month of ups and downs. Mainly downs. Imran bhai died last week, out of the blue. I had only just emailed him happy birthday. Everything seems a bit surreal. The day after I found out, which was Weds night, we had a meeting at work because they were announcing an organisation re-structure in my department. I was so emotional because of my family news, that they all must have thought I was really upset cos of the changes. I did not say the real reason, as if saying it would make it more real.
So I’m really not looking forward to work anymore.

I met up with Marylou in the week, and we decided we would make it a regular thing, like how we used to meet up every thursday. I don’t know when we became so boring and just seemed to work, so it’s time to bring the fun back, and not just at the weekend.

Im going to do my nails now.

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