Week 9 | Baby No. 1

wow, monday 11.44am and already I am so incredibly bored and uninspired, I don’t want to be here, ugh. I am just not in the mood, I wish I had some mindless boring admin work to do. It’s crazy but I’m almost missing my old Data job, oh to run some mindless Omniture reports and fill in a spreadsheet. I miss typing. I can’t even think anymore, this is sooooo boring. Hopefully I will feel better after lunch. I think it’s the fact that I hate my team so much, I don’t want to do anything. ohhhhh goooood.

Anyhoo, I had a pretty dramatic weekend. Everything was okay with the baby, until yesterday morning at 9.30am I bled, bright red and hot. I really thought this is it, I am miscarrying again. We rushed to the hospital and I was expecting the worst. Luckily the EPU was open so I had a scan there and the baby is fine! The doctor swivelled the screen and there it was, our little baby, with a head and eyeholes and best of all, a heart beat! The image will be imprinted on my mind forever, I can’t stop seeing it. It’s heart is beating 171 beats per minute. Amazing. And what a relief, doc said that everything is okay, in the right place, right size etc etc. Phew. But now I am being extra extra careful, just 3 more weeks to go until we reach that 12 week milestone and the risk is slightly less. I’ve even stopped having Diet Coke, I had no idea that artificial sweetener was bad. Oops. And after meeting James and Sharon after, (not before going to A&E again, this time for James – twice in a day!), I felt so reassured talking to another pregnant lady. It really is good to share, this secrets malarky is nonsense, you’ll only go crazy!


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