Week 10 | Baby No. 1

Woo hoo, we’re getting closer and closer to Week 12. Had my booking appointment yesterday, where I met my midwife and they took bloods, height, weight and medical history, and I got my freebies – a pregnancy book and a Bounty pack. Didn’t take long, less than an hour, so we went to Nandos afterwards for lunch. I’ve always wanted to go to that Nandos, it’s got such a nice ambience compared to other branches. It’s exciting, but still not that exciting as I’d rather have a scan. I wish I could see our baby every week, just to check it’s still there.

Mum says she didn’t have any morning sickness with Zu, but she did with me and Angie, and as I have not been sick, it’s looking likely that peanut is a boy! And Shanti said Ganesh’s due date was 6th May, same as our peunut’s one. FREAKY!

We went to Ikea afterward to buy some bookshelves. I didn’t realise how close we were to Croydon, took only half and hour to get there. Now i’m in a tidy up mood, I just can’t concentrate on anything else. Even though there’s still 7 months to go, I just want to make sure the flat is ready for peanut NOW. Next on my list is storage boxes for under the dressing table.


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