week 14 | Baby No. 1

YES I am in the 2nd trimester! I think I got my energy back last night, after a weekend of being shattered, having a cold, sore throat, snotty nose and generally feeling shit. Whilst driving home sunday evening. earls court was EMPTY! After 2 years of driving through that area, it has always been manic and congested with cars and people, whatever time of day, I was so excited it was empty, speeding through the roads, I think that is the moment I got my energy back. Whoopee!

I was feeling depressed end of last week, I wasn’t feeling very pregnant, the bump was not showing and traipsing through the shops, I felt like what’s the point of buying clothes when they won’t fit me soon. But went shopping in Uxb with Angie, mum and dad and got some baby clothes and a fab maternity jumper dress and tights that I can wear now. So am much happier.

Thursday is when I told everyone including Rob at work that I am pregnant. It was at Judy’s leaving do, so was an ideal opportunity, and everyone is so excited which is really nice. I feel relieved now too that it is now officially out in the open. Today I had a meeting with Nicola in HR about maternity leave and pay, so I feel a lot clearer about everything now and less guilty about my upcoming year away from work -YES!

Peanut is the size of half a banana now. But I suppose that depends on how big the banana is. Hmm. Anyway he is practicing facial expression now, so I’ve sure he was frowning when Angie poked my tummy of Friday. Stupid girl! Still bless her, she got all her uni mates to sign a ‘Mummy to be’ card for me, and she got me cupcake fairy lights and a photo album that was Sahil’s idea. So sweet! I wish she wasn’t at uni, but at least she’s will be home in the summer when the baby will be around. Zu has booked tickets for Wrestlemania in Miami next year! It’s 1 month before the baby is due, so hopefully he’ll be back in time.

I fancy cooking a spinach & chickpea curry today. Mmm.


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