Week 13 | Baby No. 1

Woohoo, i’m in the second trimester! Feeling very tired and irritable, not very attractive. Every article says this is the week you get your energy back. Yeah right!

Last week was amazing, saw the scan with Ganesh on Wednesday and met our little peanut on the screen. He is 6cm in size, facing the wrong way, so we just had to wait for him to turn so they could do their measurements. Took an hour before he decided to move. I say he, because I am sure it is a boy, the picture even looks like one. So I put the picture of the scan as part of my picture blog on facebook as a way of announcing our news. We got sooooo many congratulations message, from people I hadn’t spoken to in years, which was really nice. But strangely, none of my family, well the older people, here, in bangladesh and america, liked it or even commented or said congratulations. I was very upset.

Had an amazing spa day for my cousin’s birthday on saturday. I couldn’t go in the jacuzzi but I put my feet in. And then a party afterwards with her girlfriends who all had pregnancy stories, it’s so nice, like I’ve been let into this new mum club. Feels good!

Same thing happened the next day another wedding, as soon as people hear I am pregnant, they tell me their stories. It’s really interesting to hear different people’s experiences. Even my mother-in-law was telling me stories of when G was a baby! At Uxbridge, I had a nervous breakdown at how nonchalent my parents were reacting to my pregnancy, like it was just another everyday thing. And they fact that no family had even said congratulations. I really cried, why wasn’t anyone excited! Mum and dad felt so bad, they they sent me flowers the next day. It turns out they are excited, just bengali!

So this week, I finally got my tooth sorted. I need a flipping root canal treatment, which I can’t have until I have the baby! So I’ve got a temporary filling. Seriously pissed off at the dentist I saw in August who told me it was just a sensitive tooth. Two months of pain which I thought was pregnancy hormones turned out to be a decaying tooth! I must write a letter to complain. Boooooo.


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