Week 18 | Baby No. 1

My bump is getting there, I’m still not massive but my clothes are getting tighter. I have a totally new shape, like top heavy, so have had to sort out my wardrobe to see what suits me now. Tried literally everything in my wardrobe on yesterday – good fun!

I felt peanut move last week, in the night, I woke up and felt something tickling me under my skin. Freaklily, right at that moment Ganesh put his hand over my tummy in his sleep, as if he knew! Freaky!

I had my first dizzy spell on Saturday, when I was changing tubes on the way to meet Rori. I then read this is because my heart is pumping 40% more blood around my body, so if I move too quickly, my body struggles to pump the extra blood in time, making me feel feint. Woah!

I also tried pregnancy yoga on Satuday morning. It was just a load of breathing, I can do that myself for free! Still it’s nice to be up early on Saturday, I think I will try to be up and about every Saturday morning, it’s actually nice out there when the shops are open!


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