Week 19 | Baby No. 1

So we are officially halfway through – phew! Peanut has had a major growth spurt, my jeans would not do up halfway through the day on Friday! Me and bump went dancing on Friday night for the UIB Xmas party, which was at Babble in Mayfair. I had a good time, but was very protective, constantly had my hands over the bump for fear of people bumping into me – it was packed!

Went shopping at the weekend – I was supposed to be shopping for presents but ended up buying stuff for myself, I’ve gone maternity clothes mad. And I found the bestest maternity jeans in mothercare, so ordered a size 12 online, will get it this Saturday. Hope it fits!

I’ve been having major indigestion or something. It feels like bubbles stuck down where peanut is – very uncomfortable!


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