Week 21 | Baby No. 1

It’s new year’s eve! I’ve had a really busy week, after a lovely xmas back west, a day out in Portsmouth and 3 days in the office manically trying to complete 3 jobs (which I did!), now I am having a relaxing new years eve watching Come Dine with Me on the telly. Peanut has been kicking like a mini-earthquake inside me, especially at work, seems to have calmed down today.

I am looking more and more pregnant by the day! Got a few baby things over with thanks to the sales. A Mamas and Papas pushchair for £47, worth £199, thanks to Argos and my nectar points. Plus the trek to Portsmouth to get the last Mamas & Papas car seat, its out of stock everywhere else! Got it for £57, it’s normally £120! And they are in the ‘deluxe’ budget in Pregnancy & Birth magazine – so we have got peanut ‘luxury’ things at budget prices. And we got teeny tiny Nike trainers for £8 at Gunwharf. I got a FCUK coat for £30, down from £160, that has space for my bump! I have also been knitting baby ugg boots.


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