Week 20 | Baby No. 1

Okay NOW I am officially halfway. The bump has grown and is clearly visible when I wear vest tops, and peanut is kicking a lot more now, I keep thinking it’s wind! This morning I was drying my hair with the hairdryer and peanut gave me two strong kicks, as it to say shuddup! So funny. We had our midwives appt and I had a jolly black midwife this morning. She told me I need to slow down in the mornings to stop the dizzyness and hot flushes. We heard the heartbeat again but it took a while cos peanut is an active baby, kept moving! And then when we found the heartbeat, there was this punching noise as if he punched to say stop prodding me. So funny. Ooh, another kick just now. Wonder if this means he will be a real wriggler once he’s out.

I handed my MATB1 form in today, so it is officially official. I’ve pencilled in a last day of Thursday April 12th – didn’t want Friday the 13th! So it’s countdown time – sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!

115 days to go! (till I stop working)


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