Week 25 | Baby No. 1

Okay, I have been lazy and not updating my blog. All the weeks seem to be merging into one, peanut is kicking like crazy the whole of this month of January. The bump is growing that even my maternity jeans are tight, to the point I feel ill. I’ve bought a lot of tops in the sales and two maternity legging at full price.

Last week Americal Idol was back, woo hoo, so we were trying out all these American names and Tyler Ryan (from Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest) seems to have stuck. I quite like calling peanut Tyler, even though we were just joking around.

This week we had another antenatal appointment and we heard the heartbeat, checking my blood pressure was ok and my pee for protein. Everything is okay. I’ll be having a blood test next time, so I have to make sure I eat a lot of iron and get a lot of vitamin D (come on sunshine!). So I made lamb spag bol on monday and having been eating dried apricots.

I’ve been knitting a blanket for Tyler, well it’s going to be lots of little squares of different stitches and patterns that I will patchwork sew together :0) I think he has turned inside me because his kicking feels much more intense and on my bladder, I keep having to pee, and it feels like he is kicking little bubbles out of me. Quite uncomfortable but I love Tyler so it’s okay.

I heard some awful news this week about a friend’s husband being infertile so their chances of having their own child have gone out of the window. I felt so guilty like how come I can have one and she can’t. It makes me love my baby even more and be even more grateful that I am allowed to have my own baby. But my heart aches for her. I tried not to think about it, cos when I feel sad or upset, Peanut kicks me more, like he knows. I spoke to her yesterday and she said they are looking into adopting, but it’s still so sad, as I know how much she wanted to have her own child 😦

In other peanut news, Ganesh solved my craving for Feast ice creams by clearing out the unilever staff shop of them. He came home with an ice cream bag full of them last week. They are the best!

Yesterday a girl from the BBC rang me about a TV show they are doing. It’s 50 years since men were allowed in the delivery room, so to tie in with that they want to make a show that has midwives teaching partners on how to cope with being present at the birth. But they want to film the actual delivery to see how the partner reacts. I was like, I don’t really want to give birth on TV! Shame, I wouldn’t mind sharing the before bit, but not labour! NO WAY!


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