Week 30 | Baby No. 1

Upper back is hurting, owee ow ouch. Can’t be the bra cos I’m wearing a really comfy sloggi one. I did some pregnancy pilates this week and that really helps, so I’m going to try the shoulder blade exercises i learnt every day – hopefully that will get rid of it. I want to be a fit and healthy mum. Tyler has been kicking my ribs this week, all the way on the right side, really hard, it makes me jump. He is going to be one active baby – scary! This week I was really panicing that nothing is ready for the baby, but after my workout I was a lot more relaxed. Once we get the spacesaver cot, it’ll be alright. I went to Primark on monday, and bought loads of size 18 and 20 tops – nice and comfy! A huge size 20 polka dot nightie that I think I could wear in labour. I got 2 size 20 sleep bras from mothercare in the navy and cream colour i liked, They are humongous so I’m gonna have to elasticate them. And yesterday I got with owl patterned fabric – gonna make a b-feeding cushion at the weekend. Feeling excited! Off now to meet with Hai to test out nappy changing on her nephew!


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