Week 16

Still really chatting, saying ‘eguh!’ a lot, been about 2 weeks that little saying. Had his 16 weeks jab and was a brave little soldier, cried, then slept. I had to dreamfeed him and then he woke up when I burped him and he was back to his smiley self! He is now 61.5cm tall and weighs 5.5kg which is 12 lbs!

He loves the accidental muslin game as of this week, where we wave the muslin cloth and say ‘Where’s Peanut? There he is!’ – he loves it so much, his breathing goes crazy excited! I made him laugh at last by imitating Ganesh’s goofy laugh. He seems to be trying to turn, sticking his legs in the air, and his hands seem to be grabbing whatever lands in it but not on purpose. Likes sitting up a lot more than lying down, but this involves me holding him up!

Also he seems to have inherited my scaredycat gene – 4 times in a day he did his scared cry – when Ganesh had one eye open, when we played ganesh’s work presentation, when we watched a home movie of tyler and when i blew my nose. Luckily it was only 2 days of being a scaredy cat.

And big news, his leaked 4 times one day, so now onto Size 3 Pampers – woohoo!


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