Tyler Milestones

I’ve been meaning to do this for months, so I made myself do it now.

Week 15 – w/c 21st Aug – First audition at Next, and first time at my cousin’s house. First trip to Westfield. He has starting shouting at things, like his mobile. Funny! Always talking, getting louder now.

Week 14 – w/c 14th Aug – first time being babysat overnight – he was really good! First liverpool kit. First trip to Ilford for eid. He smiles at me just wandering round the house!

Week 13 – w/c 7th Aug – first trip to my other cousin’s house. now has a bumbo seat to sit up in. First time on tube and train, trip to putney. joined scallywags agency.

Week 12 – w/c 31st July – 12 week jabs, now he is 5kg and 60cm tall. He likes to sit up on the sofa with us like grown-ups. Glued to the telly, thankfully whatever we are watching. really chatty.

Week 11 – w/c 24th July – loves watching people, now i can have him sitting up on my lap.

Week 10 – w/c 17th July – can sit up with me supporting his back. head is wobbly though! first time with feet on grass.

Week 9 – w/c 10th July – first hoodie top. has discovered his hands and keeps shoving them in his mouth.

Week 8 – w/c 3rd July – 8 week jabs, so brave. he didn’t get a fever, phew. Starting to dress him in tops and bottoms rather than just all-in-ones. First yoga class and first trip to cinema – saw spiderman. Went to the football marathon. And he starting sleeping through the night this week – no more night feeds!

Week 7 – w/c 26th June – First proper smile at me talking to him in sainsburys. Best feeling ever! Starting the baby whisperer routine, stuck to it rigidly to save my sanity!

Week 6 – w/c 19th June – his feet have become chunky – a spitting image of ganesh’s! and the colic has gone YESSSSS!!!!! First trip to the park, the first of many afternoon expeditions with aunty brat! Starting to spike his hair up like ganesh’s. Starting to smile at us aw, and kick excitedly.

Week 5 – w/c 12th June – first time i drove on my own with tyler. first time i saw the frozen car face lol. First father’s day on sunday.

Week 4 – w/c 5th June – he has a new seat in uxbridge. still colicy, real nightmare. Got his birth certificate on monday.

Week 3 – w/c 29th May – he started to notice his rainforest mobile. oh and the colic nightmare began. ugh. although he may have had it from the start but we did not realise. Constant crying, especially from 11pm to 2am. Started bottle feeding.

Week 2 – w/c 22nd May – first trip on the bus to uxbridge. seems to like sleeping on angie’s bed and on zu’s bed. He pooed in the bath and then in the towel. He has tongue thrush

Week 1 – w/c 15th May – first time in the outside world with a walk around the block in his pushchair. First visit to clinic, he now weighs 6lb 1. Starting to stick his tongue out. Then had first journey to west london, now becoming the travelling baby!

Week 0 – w/c 8th May – Tyler born, 5lb 7 with all ganesh’s features but my brother’s nose! He already laughed in his sleep on day 4. First bath on sunday. Has got sticky left eye and have had to drip milk from my boob onto it – weird! He loves staring at our black and white cushion from primark. Already loves daddy, his breathing quickens when he is near ganesh!


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