Trendy T-Shirt Tuesday

Today I am sharing with you 2 trendy t-shirts that my boy has worn this week.

1) Bright blue ‘Nee Naa’ printed top – Blue Zoo by Debenhams, £7
There’s 2 great things about this top. First of all it has fire engines on it which the boy loves – tick.
Secondly the neon orange print on the bright blue is a gorgeous colour combo, so different and eye-catching. It’s a little baggy on my skinny boy, but I’m sure he’ll grow into it.


2) Green polka dot top, Bows and Arrows by Boots, £2 on clearance (£9 full price)
This top is a quirky one – it has small black polka dots all over it, and a contrasting orange front pocket, collar and elbows. Perfect for trendy London boys 😀



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