Yellow is THE Next colour for Spring 2015

As I was walking around the shops whilst my little one napped in his pushchair, I couldn’t help but notice – apart from the tacky Valentines displays everywhere – that one colour was sticking out in the new season window displays… YELLOW. And that’s a good thing, because I love yellow. The windows at Next caught my eye the most.



I had a look at the childrenwear section, as I always do to see what to keep an eye out for in the next Next sale. There are some gorgeous items, vehicle designs and pops of yellow – I LOVE. Now one of my new years resolutions was not to impulse buy, so I was very good and just looked. But I’ve pulled together my top 6 wishlist from the new range so you can see how cute they are:

Next SS15

My absolute fave is the road t-shirt – it has a velcro police car that you can move on the t-shirt. And the jeans with emergency vehicles on the butt pockets – so different!


2 responses to “Yellow is THE Next colour for Spring 2015

    • It’s a tricky one, yellow, very ‘look at me’ – but I love it on my boy 🙂 I’ll have to keep an eye out for the fishermen style, sounds intriguing! x


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