Recreate an 80s Living Room

Velvet settees, crazy paving fireplaces, giant wooden televisions – remind you of a certain era? I remember the 1980s with fond nostalgia, the happy times when I would play for hours with my Barbie doll. And my little brother would lounge about in his white suit. Here is that living room from that happy time (didn’t my parents have good taste ;-))


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could step back in time and sit in the 1980s? Well actually you can. I’ve trawled the net and found the perfect furnishings to recreate this 1985 living room today!

1985 Products

1) Green Velvet Settee – Chesterfield 2 Seater Azzuro Olive Green, £483.59 (Half price)
2) Brown Velvet Armchair – Snuggle Swivel Armchair Argent Brown, £349.60 (20% off)
both 1& 2 from
3) Display Cabinet – St Moritz 2 Door Curio, £1689 (was £2259), Furniture Village
4) Cat Statues, Style It Out Gallery, £79
5) White Cube Planter – Capri Lux 30cm, £29.99,
6) Indoor Plant – Palm Tree, £29.98, B&Q
7) Fireplace – you’ll have to make it with Crazy Paving, 1 pallet (covers 10m2) £69,
8) Retro TV – Sony Trinitron solid state TV, – current bid 99p
9) Gold Stripe Wallpaper – Albany wallpaper Tirano 45005, £32.99 – 10m roll,

Go on, recreate your 1980s living room – you know you want to 😉


7 responses to “Recreate an 80s Living Room

  1. Hahaha!! This made me laugh out loud!! 😀 I can say — hand on heart — the 80s definitely didn’t do it for me, interior wise. Those avocado bathroom suites still give me shudders even today!! 😉 What a fab post — Thanks so much for linking up and sharing on #HomeEtc

    Caro |


  2. Ha ha what a brilliant post! I remember those cat ornaments – in fact my mum had large brandy glasses with cat and mouse ornaments! Love this post made me giggle – although not sure I can live with an 80’s front room again… #homeetc


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