Top 6 Boys Clothes at Selfridges – Spring 2015

Last week the boy and I took a day-trip to London and visited Selfridges. With Mr Selfridge being back on TV this week, how could we not?! We walked from Paddingdon, with the boy being amazed by how many red buses he saw, and singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ all the way down Oxford Street!


The famous Selfridges window displays are always interesting, and on this occasion they had gone for bright, arty displays, including a real ‘fish and chips’ dinner, and one window full of dolls styling heads. It must be art. My favourite was the rainbow display with the polar bear and toucan, there’s something so cheerful about it.


Inside we headed to the top floor for the children’s department and the lovely cafe. The displays were so bright and colourful, really standing out against the white walls. Umbrellas on the ceiling was an interesting concept.


Now I think you have to be pretty loaded and into designer gear to buy kids clothes from Selfridges. Still its good fun to have a browse anyway and pretend. Here’s my top 6 boys clothes I would buy from Selfridges if money was no object:

Product template

Dr Martens for babies – yes really! They start from 6 months 😀
What do you think, do you want to dress your little one in designer clothes, or are you happy with clothes from high street retailers?


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