My Top 6 Boys Clothes at H&M – Spring 2015

As I was walking through my local shopping centre, the window display at H&M caught my eye – I loved the neon colours. So I had to have a little peak inside.

Unfortunately the older boys range was a little disappointing, quite dull and boring. I used to love shopping at H&M when my toddler fit into the baby 4 – 24mth range – and the spring baby range is really cute this year. Shame the baby range doesn’t go up to 4 years, I think that would be much better.

Anyway, if I HAD to buy something from the boys 18mth – 10yr Spring 2015 range, these would be my top 6 items:


You can see I’ve gone for nautical again, H&M are very good at seaside themed clothes.
What do you think? Should the baby range should be extended to 4 years? Or should they just make the older boy range more funky like the girls range? Yes to both I think!


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