A Free Day Out at Hampton Court Gardens

Normally £18.20 to enter the Formal Gardens at Hampton Court – it is free off season. So my boy and I had a little wonder around, and he loved it! Ducks, water fountains, lots of space to run around – and for me the sculptured trees and architecture. It really is beautiful. Here are some of the moments I captured:

DSC00288 DSC00289 DSC00293 DSC00296 DSC00301 DSC00302

To get to the formal gardens, you don’t go through the main entrance. Walk past it, past the car park exit and you will see these green wooden gates. This is the entrance to the public gardens. Walk through these gardens, past the cafe and then you will find the entrance to the Formal Gardens – it really is worth it! The cafe was nice too, we stopped off for a cuppa when we were leaving. Here’s the address if you fancy a visit:

Hampton Court Gardens
Hampton Court Way

For free parking, you can park on Summer Road, off Hampton Court Way, and then it’s a 5-10 minute walk up and over Hampton Court Bridge. You can stop there and watch the boats. And of course for the train enthusiasts out there (ie my son!), you can sit at Hampton Court Station and watch the trains depart. I definitely recommend it for a sunny day.

Running in Lavender

2 responses to “A Free Day Out at Hampton Court Gardens

  1. Ooh I had no idea the gardens were free off season!! We don’t live far away so may pop over soon for a visit. The gardens look so beautiful and you managed to get some lovely captured moments. Thank you so much for linking up xx


    • Yes my friend who lives locally told me about it being free off season. Although I don’t know when ‘on’ season begins, must be soon I am guessing. It’s well worth it though, very beautiful 🙂


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