My Top 8 Toddler Clothes at Zara – Summer 2015

Last week I popped into Zara in Windsor for a little browse, just to see what’s new. Their children’s department is in the basement and that day it was nice and quiet. My boy quite enjoyed having the place to ourselves, like our own personal shop! Now I usually buy bright colours for myself and my boy, but I do like the calming shades in Zara. The handwritten-style slogans on their tops always look really trendy. These are my top choices for boys and girls this summer:

Zara Toddler Fashion Summer 2015

The T-Shirts are quite light coloured, so I’ve teamed with light denim jeans for boys, and light denim-style leggings for girls. Something seaside-chic about it. My favourite is the bunny t-shirt – I know it’s for girls, but my boy could wear it, right?? 😉

Sabrina x


9 responses to “My Top 8 Toddler Clothes at Zara – Summer 2015

    • The clothes are lovely, I definitely recommend a browse. I was surprised too, I always expect them to be a bit pricier, but some things are quite reasonable! xx


  1. I LOVE all these pics! And it’s odd — I would never usually think of Zara as a goto to kids clothes either. I love their womenswear and their homeware is divine but I’ve never thought to look at the kids section! Will be altering that from now on!! Thanks so much for sharing Sabrina and thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |


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