My Top 8 Toddler Clothes at George (Asda) – Summer 2015

This week my Top 8 is from George at Asda – I’ve found some cool tees for boys (I love them so much, I’ve actually ordered them online – very excited!), and the cutest little dresses for girls.

Top 8 Toddler Clothes at George Asda Summer 2015

My boy LOVES Paw Patrol, so this T-Shirt was a nice surprise and at only £5! Then to find a ‘Little Tikes’ range – you know the toddler car they have in all soft play centres – I did not know they did clothes! I’ve gone for the long-sleeve tee as my boy’s arms always get cold, but they also do a short-sleeved tee, a jacket and pyjamas. And lastly little canvas shoes with a cool Thomas graphic.

For girls I don’t really like the strappy dresses, preferring the comfy T-shirt style dresses. And I like to choose dresses that I would like to wear, so graphic prints and polka dots are in my choice today. The first is a colourful elephant print, then a navy polka dot dress with a lovely contrasting green bow, a Barbie print dress (yes I would MAKE my future daughter like Barbie :-P) and finally a flamingo print dress as flamingoes are so ‘in’ this season!

I hope you like my choices, I definitely go for colour and comfort. How do you dress your little ones?

Sabrina x


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